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Mercs. Inc. Affiliation application

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Mercs. Inc. Affiliation application

Post by ryand on Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:54 pm

Leader's Name:
Answer: Deathsmask

Clan Name:
Answer: Mercs. Inc.

Clan Web Site URL:
Answer: don't have one

Are You and your Clan CBL Clean:
Answer: Yes

How active is your Clan? :
Answer: Very active

How do you feel about people who hack, glitch and use exploits?
Answer: They ruin the game for us legit players

Does your clan use Ventrilo?
Answer: Yes

Have you or your clan ever been demoted or become CBL Dirty? :
Answer: No

Why do you want to join the NGAH Affiliated Clan Network??
Answer: Looking for a place to Clan War that will be anti hack , and its seems you guys do a good job of prescreening applicates

How does NGAH benefit from this affiliation?
Answer: We can promote you on game forums and on Combat arms

How does your clan benefit from this affiliation?
Answer: Providing a hack free environment to to Clan War

Way of contact:
Answer: Email affraid

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Re: Mercs. Inc. Affiliation application

Post by -Josh on Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:17 pm

Please contact me on Xfire, username J0sh25 (that is a zero not a O) and we can talk about further moving on with a affiliation.


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